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In the last few years, Kolkata became the leading pharmaceutical center in many large and small firms. The most important thing to do with the drug trade is that here, too, the demand is very wide and beneficial. The leading PCD franchise in Kolkata, Neolina Pharmaceuticals, offers its services in The Kolkata market is highly potential, and we are working together with franchise partners to exploit this potential.

More than 300 drugs are currently marketed on the market through Neolina Pharmaceuticals. It offers distributors or individuals in Kolkata to launch the PCD franchise. General Range, Gynae Range, Paediatric Range, Ortho Range are the primary areas that the business operates.

Start the PCD franchise with Neolina Pharmaceuticals, and you'll have some business plans. You can pick something that is best for you. We will certainly find greater achievement in life with our programs and your hard work. Call us on +91-7814990449 or e-mail us at for details. We're going to return to you.

Current Scenario of Pharma Sector in Kolkata

Why does Kolkata have to be asked? The reason is that in Kolkata, the pharmaceutical industry saw the best time. It is ranked first in India's drug industry, with 33% of the total share of drugs and 28% of exports. There is still a lot to sell as a market.

  • The city is 9th among cities in terms of population.
  • Kolkata people know that they are healthy.
  • Many insurance companies offer insurance, which leads to increasing investments in health by individuals, with government encouragement and support.
  • Different health schemes are initiated to enable people to take advantage of them for their health.

Partner with Neolina Pharmaceuticals "Top PCD Company in Kolkata

If you want to start your company in the franchising business in Kolkata, join Neolina Pharmaceuticals, and we will help you succeed. We are the favorite pick for franchise partners, and soon we will also be favorites in Kolkata. Our franchise partners' programs and goods are different from others. As Neolina Pharmaceuticals' franchise affiliate, you will get

  • Profit Margin: Outstanding profit margin, as we are tailored for cost savings. We will sell the franchise more with the price cut.
  • Diverse Investment Plan: There are various proposals. After the scenario and the demand in the zone, franchise partners may choose among themselves.
  • Freedom of doing Business: You are the last survivor of our goods with monopoly status. You will notice constant company growth after the firm has been developed.
  • Quick delivery of Products: We offer goods in the right box and quality in the best possible time.

Quality Products at Neolina Pharmaceuticals

Neolina Pharmaceuticals continued to deliver products that are of the highest quality and cost-effective for the consumer. In the tablets' shape, lotions, creams, siphons, sachets, drops, ointments, syrups, we sell our stuff. We supply over 300 items authorized by DCGI. In the following fields, we sell goods

  • Derma
  • Gynecology
  • Ophthalmic
  • Analgesic
  • Dental
  • Cardiology
  • Neuropsychiatric
  • ENT
  • Antibiotic

These drugs have a great track record in the field of Neolina Pharmaceuticals. Our goods are effective, efficient, long-lasting, and economical.

Neolina Pharmaceuticals "ISO Certified Company

Because of the credential we hold, Neolina is one of the most trusted firms. For the organization, certifications provide a high reputation. We keep certificates

  • ISO certified
  • GMP certified manufacturing units
  • DCGI approved products
  • QA/QC
  • Schedule M

We are a business powered by creativity, ready to penetrate Kolkata's pharmaceutical industry. You have the chance to join us and become an advanced company.

Mar 10, 2021 03:23