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PCD Pharma Franchises in Supaul

In Pharma Franchise company, Neolina Pharmaceuticals is a trusted and marked brand. In India, its northern region, we are one of the leading suppliers of a large variety of Premium Herbal & Pharma products. We are one of the fastest-growing PCD Pharmaceutical Firms in India for several reasons.

Our pioneers have developed an organization with a great vision, a very strong ethic, and a system-driven operating style, due to their professional experiences of more than 20 years. Neolina Drug Companies is a company with a broad variety of high-quality medicinal products, including the new DCGI molecules and a comprehensive infrastructure that can be used by our franchise partner to bring them to our end clients. This grand vision and the underlying taste for a top-class Pharma Company. Certification ISO 9001-2008 is one of the first certificates to be received and plenty more.

Pharma Franchise, which belongs to Neolina Pharmaceuticals, has a pedigree of which shipments of drugs to neighboring countries began immediately with the first batches of our products. The explanation why our partners in India have introduced Neolina Pharmaceuticals has literally been rising the market.

We sell pills, capsules, syrups, sips, pigs, tomatoes, gels, oils, pomegranates, powders, and shampoos. Our portfolio is complete and equivalent to any PCD Pharma company's widest collection in India. Pre-malaria & anti-infective, anti-ulcerative, dentistry, dermatology, gynecology, genitomycare, hepatology, multi-vitamins & antioxidants, orthopedics, pediatrics, and nutraceuticals include our goods in the areas of analgesics, anti-acid and gastroenterogenetics, antibiotics, anti-cough and cold, anti-malaria, and antioxidative.

Welcome to our dealerships by Pharma Franchise, trained, qualified individuals and businesses from all over India. Neolina Pharmaceuticals will give you monopoly distribution rights on a Pharma-PCD franchise basis for its district/cluster of districts whether you are a part of the MR/ASM or an RSM, beginning with even smaller investments. Pharma stockers, dealers, and agents with strong ties to local medical professionals, physician assistants are also welcome to create a long-term and sustainable PCD Pharma Franchise company with Neolina Pharmaceuticals.

Advantages of joining hands with us:

  • We deliver high-quality items that are packaged attractively. These units are produced in esteemed ISO and GMP-certified processing units and have been recognized for their cleanliness and accuracy.
  • No set monthly expectations are available. If you want to promote your success, you should set annual goals.
  • We fully adhere to exclusive rights and do not perform an inquiry from the protected market.
  • We offer profitable plans on bulk sales, which allow you to create a bigger organization that is much easier.
  • We provide our distributors with consistency and factual support.
  • We shall ensure that goods are delivered within 24 hours of 100% delivery within 48 hours, until the payment is shown in our documents, or the shipping invoice is cleared.
  • For instantaneous and proper answers to product questions, packaging, dosage, ordinance, payroll, taxes, shipments, and/or logistics, we have a full team of experts at your disposal.
  • This website provides all our partners with a one-stop reply, including the e-order service.


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