COVID-19 vaccination for all above 18 yrs from 1 May: Pricing to supply explained in 9 points

COVID-19 vaccination for all above 18 yrs from 1 May: Pricing to supply explained in 9 points

COVID-19 vaccination for all above 18 yrs from 1 May: Pricing to supply explained in 9 points

The central Government on Monday, when liberalising the vaccine push to enable states, private hospitals and industrial establishments to obtain doses directly from manufacturers, stated that everyone above 18 would be able to receive coronavirus vaccine from May 1.

During the third stage of the vaccine campaign beginning next month, vaccine producers will provide the Central Government with 50% of their dose released weekly from the Central Drugs Laboratory (CDL), and will be free to suppliers to state and open markets with the remaining 50% of the Dose.

The producers should make an advance declaration before 1st May 2021, according to an official statement, of the price for the output of 50 per cent that applies to the state and the free market governments.

This is the price that can be used to provide vaccine doses to producers by state governments, private hospitals, manufacturing establishments etc.

The deliveries of Covid-19 vaccines will need to be provided solely by private hospitals from a supply of 50 per cent to organisations outside of the central government channel.

The private immunisation providers should announce their self-set vaccine prices transparently, and all adults who are older than 18 years of age should receive eligibility through this channel.

As before, vaccines continue free of charge for qualifying populations - healthcare and primary employees and all residents above the age of 45 - in Indian Government vaccination centres.

The Ministry of Union Health said in a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a significant decision was made to allow vaccination for everyone older than 18 years from 1 May.

"The Premier said that over a year the government has worked tirelessly to ensure that the vaccine is delivered to the highest number of Indians as soon as possible. He added that India is vaccinating people worldwide, and we will keep things, even more, moving, "He added.

A focus will be attached to the second dose in all current priority categories, which are included to the frontline, health professionals and people over 45 years of age.

The biggest single-day spike since the pandemic started last year was recorded in India on Monday by a dramatic increase in coronavirus cases (273,810. Indian deaths linked to Covid with 1,625 deaths have recorded the largest ever one-day increase. Today, 178,793 people die from the lethal virus.

Boost to inoculation drive

  1. Vaccine producers will supply 50% of the monthly dose issued to the union government by the Central Drugs Laboratory (CDL), and they will be able to supply State governments and competitive market with the remaining 50% dose.
  2. Manufacturers must make a clear 50 per cent supply price statement accessible to state and public authorities before May 1.
  3. This will be used as the basis for the procurement of vaccine doses by the producers for states, private hospitals, industries and so on.
  4. Private hospitals can only supply Covid 19 vaccine from the supply of 50% rather than the union government channel.
  5. Providers of private vaccine must straightforwardly announce their self-set prices. Both adults, i.e. all persons above the age of 18 are eligible for this channel.
  6. The union government will be able to divide vaccines by 50% and others by 50% for all vaccines produced in the region.
  7. The Union government, however, allows completely ready-to-use imported vaccines to be used exclusively outside the Centre.
  8. Both vaccines are part of the National Vaccination Program and are mandated for all protocols, including the Cowin platform, related to the reporting of AEFIs and any other recommended standards, to be followed up.
  9. In all vaccine centres, stocks and prices per vaccination will also need to be registered in real-time.


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